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As Christians come together in agreement, praying daily with faith and believing God for the lost in their community, God hears and meets us where He is needed. Without prayer, it is simply human efforts. With prayer and faith, it is people we love and care for coming to salvation through Christ. It is lives being transformed! To pray and to see those prayers answered through the Celebration is both a blessing and a privilege.

Every aspect of the Celebration directs believers toward prayer—determined, heartfelt, ceaseless prayer. So, as we near the Celebration, please be in prayer for Will Graham, our team leaders, and most importantly, that the Word of the Lord be spread throughout the community and area.

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Our training is rooted in the Christian Life and Witness Course (CLWC) for adults and students. These are the best opportunities you have to become equipped for a Celebration as well as a lifetime of evangelism and discipleship.

CLWCChristian Life and Witness Course
CLWC will reignite your faith and empower you to live a life that radiates God’s love. Discover the victory He has for His children and equip yourself to share it with others through this dynamic course. You’ll also find practical help in reaching the next generation for Christ. The course is taught by representatives of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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Become a Volunteer

Do you want to see your community transformed as your friends and neighbors find true hope in Jesus Christ? We’re looking for people to partner with us in spreading the word about the Native Peoples Tour with Will Graham. If you’re interested in serving with us, there are multiple ways you can take part:


Guide attendees and assist with crowd control as needed. This includes the ADA care, Greeters, Crowd Control and Parking Attendants. Must be at least 16 years old to serve as an Usher. You will be notified later to attend the Volunteer Briefing.

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On-Site Prayer

Join our prayer team in the on-site prayer tent. There will be a person or group praying in the tent for the entire program.

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Student Monitor

Assist with activities involving Students. This includes monitoring the crowd, managing activities during our student events (Transportation, games, and clean up.)

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Event Volunteer

Assist with various event needs (Community canvassing, food preparation, office tasks such as outgoing and incoming telephone calls, data entry, and various other needs.)

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Bring a Friend

YOU are the key to help reach others for Christ.
When the disciple Andrew first saw Jesus, he couldn’t keep the Good News to himself.
“Andrew then went to find his brother… and he brought him to meet Jesus.”– John 1:41-42, TLB

How to invite your friend to know Christ
Share your faith with a friend in four simple steps.

Pray: Write down the name of someone you know who needs Jesus and then pray each day for him or her.

Share: Spend time with your friend. It can deepen your friendship and create an opportunity to talk about Christ. Begin to talk with your friend about attending the Celebration with you.

Bring: Bring your friend to the Celebration. If he or she responds to Christ, they will need your ongoing encouragement.

Follow Up: Invite them to church with you. God can use you to bring them into a deepening relationship with Jesus.

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